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Talent Show Information 

The Samuel Beck Elementary Talent Show will be held on Friday, May 11th

in the Byron Nelson High School Auditorium.
The performance begins at 6:30pm.

Students interested in performing an act in the Beck Talent Show must read the following rules along with their parents and fill out the online entry form. Students will not be allowed to audition without a submitted online audition form.

Talent Show Audition Form:


Auditions are Monday April 2nd and Tuesday April 3rd  / 3-4:30pm.

(Students only need to attend one of the audition days.)


Students will be required to stay from 3-4:30pm for the audition and will be released as a group at 4:30pm. Parents and siblings will not be allowed to attend the auditions. Students may be released before 4:30pm if they have completed their audition and a parent enters the building to check-out his or her child.


The dress rehearsal for the show will be held Friday, April 27th in one of the music rooms from 3-4:30pm.

All students performing in the show MUST attend the dress rehearsal.

Students who do not attend the Dress Rehearsal or do not make prior arrangements will have their act eliminated from the talent show. Please make sure that all members of the act are able to attend.


Talent Show Rules

Please read these requirements carefully. The Talent Show Committee, consisting of teachers, will screen acts for appropriateness, quality, and safety.


  1. A variety of acts are encouraged. (singing, playing a musical instrument, performing a skit, doing magic tricks, performing stand-up comedy, juggling, or any other unique talent)
  2. The act must be thought out and prepared well in advance so that the students can do their very best at the audition.
  3. All performers must be Beck Elementary students in any grade. Exception will be for one adult performing an accompanying role (ie: keyboard, guitar).
  4. All acts must be NO LONGER THAN 3 MINUTES. Only 15 student acts or less will be invited to perform at the talent show due to a time limit for the Byron Nelson Auditorium.
  5. Students may only perform in ONE ACT, unless participating in a teacher-sponsored act (Beck Choir, or grade level performance).
  6. All lyrics and music must be appropriate for a school event. This includes any song being used during the act. If there is a “clean” version of a song, then it is still inappropriate to be used due to the nature and content of the lyrics.
  7. All acts must be fully prepared for the audition – words memorized, choreography completed, etc. If an act is not prepared for the audition it will not be considered for the show.
  8. No “lip sync” routines will be allowed in the Talent Show. If singing, accompaniment CDs must not have lead vocals. 


"Music expresses that which cannot be said
and on which it is impossible to be silent." 
 Victor Hugo


Music Classroom
"Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue." - Plato

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