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" The Jumping Flea Project "
 NEF Grant Ukulele Project Start Date: April 9, 2012
 Kindergarten -  5th Grade students at Samuel Beck Elementary
are learning to become better musicians with the Ukulele!
The students are playing the ukulele to develop music skills in a practical, "hands-on" way.
In a short time, the students are learning to:
-strum a handful of chords
-pick the C major scale and play melodies in two keys
-read music notation and chord symbols
-accompany their own singing
-improvise melodies
-create lyrics
-recognize and play chromatic notes
-play music in a variety of styles 
Grant Sponsored by the Northwest ISD Education Foundation

 " Exploring Jazz With the Orff Approach"
NEF Grant Funded - February 2013
 The goal of the grant is to expose as many students as possible to jazz through the Orff approach which emphasizes creativity and improvisation. Musical concepts are learned through singing, chanting, dance, movement, drama, and the playing of percussion instruments. The Orff approach will provide students with experiences and techniques to explore rhythmic and melodic improvisation. Grant funds provided  jazz resource materials, a digital piano, contra bass bars, and xylophones. 
"Advancing Math Skills Through Music and Dance"
 NEF Grant Funded - February 2013
 Through the use of music based manipulatives and creative movement, students will develop the skills of spatial thinking and pattern recognition which are also utilized in mathematics. Grant funds provided a classroom set of Note Knacks, percussion instruments, Folk Dance resources, and an iPod Touch.
Note Knacks  
 "TMEA Elementary Music Instructional Support Program Grant"
 Grant Funded - November 2013
The Texas Music Educators Association grant provided additional materials to support
"The Jumping Flea Project" which included ukuleles, digital tuners, and a class set of
"Ukulele in the Classroom - Book One".
 ukulele in the classroom
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"Music in Special Education" 
 The “Music in Special Education” grant hopes to achieve a successful integration of students with special needs into the fine arts classroom. The project will enhance the education of the students by providing them an opportunity for success with modified instruments, teaching resources, and a safe place to “cool down” during a time of stress or frustration. The shared music making and artistic experiences will engage all of the students and provide a positive social experience for everyone. Items being funded by the grant include music for special needs resources, xylophones with attached bars and mallets, guitars, and panels and bean bags for a “cool down” space for each music classroom. The Grant is also sponsored by the Alliance Texas Corporate Challenge.
(Grant Recipients: Roel Garza, Tim Cole, and Ashley Melott NEF Grant: $4,800.01)