Music Grading Guidelines

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Music Grading Guidelines: Grades K – 5


The main purpose of grading in elementary Music, Art and Physical Education (P.E.) is to evaluate a student’s level of progress in the mastery of the Music, Art and P.E. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  We grade all students for their ability to perform the learning objectives.


1)  Each student will have a minimum of 3 grades per six weeks in each subject. At least one grade should be given each two (2) weeks.     


2)  Grades will be based on knowledge and performance of learning objectives. 


3)  The content grades will not be based on student’s behavior or conduct.   Behavior is reflected in a separate Conduct grade given each 6 weeks.


4)  The teacher will formally notify a parent (note, email or phone call) when their child’s grade may drop below an “S”.  Teachers must keep accurate documentation of records and communicate with parents.


EXCELLENT “E”- (3 in online grade book)

1.  Performs at excellent/above standard consistently.

2.  Puts forth maximum effort, demonstrates self-motivation in meeting learning objectives

3.  Consistently demonstrates understanding of concepts and shows creativity in their use.


SATISFACTORY “S”- (2 in online grade book)

1.  Performs at standard expectations consistently.

2.  Puts forth expected effort, with minimal redirection to meet learning objectives.

3.  Frequently demonstrates understanding of concepts.


NEEDS IMPROVEMENT “N”- (1 in online grade book)

1.  Performs slightly below standard expectations, but with continuous progress.

2.  Puts forth minimal effort, with continuous redirection to meet learning objectives.

3.  Seldom demonstrates understanding of concepts.


UNSATISFACTORY “U”- (0 in online grade book)

(Not to be given unless administration and parent are contacted)

1.  Performs consistently at beginning or below standard expectations. 

2.  Puts forth no effort.

3.  Does not demonstrate any learning objectives.


NG or A= Non attendance in class on the day assessments were taken.


An N or U in a student’s content grade will keep students from the A or A/B Honor rolls. 

Conduct grades will not affect Honor roll status but may affect other awards given at each campus.


Conduct Grades


Students will receive a conduct grade for Music, Art and PE each six weeks.  The conduct grade will be determined by their behavior in class.  Each time they take home a behavior note, it will lower their conduct grade.  Students are responsible for taking the note home and bringing it back to school signed by their parent or guardian.