Standard Based Bulletin Boards

What is a Standards Based Bulletin Board?

A Standard Based Bulletin Board shows the connection between a students work, the standard the work is to meet, and assessment that is used to decide when the work meets the standard.  SBBB can be used as an instructional tool for students, informational tool for parents, and an assessment tool for teachers and administrators on student tasks and activities. 

All Standards Based Bulletin Boards should include the following features:

  • Title - The board has a title that describes the big picture.

  • Standard - The standard is reproduced exactly like it is written in the National Standards book or comes directly from the Texas Essentials of Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

  • Task - The task is an explanation of what the class or student was asked to do.  Teachers often include a list of mini-lessons taught prior to the specific assignments so that the reader can easily see how the specific task fits into the lessons.

  • Commentary - Each piece of student work includes a commentary written by the teacher or by the student that explains why the particular piece meets the standard.  The commentary should be very specific to the TEKS that the assignment was measuring.


 Standard Based Bullentin Board Exemplars