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Be Creative Art Club Information

Art Club is a fun, after school group for kinder - 5th graders that engages in creative projects such as clay, paper mache and many other types of materials.  Every year we have two Art Club Groups. One group that begins in the fall and runs for six weeks and one group in the spring semester that begins sometime after Christmas break. We created two groups so that more students have a chance to be in it. This year Ms. Gamache will hold art club for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.  Ms. Foland will hold art club for kinder, 1st and 2nd graders.  So many students apply that we don't always have enough room for everyone:(
Therefore,  we make an announcement over the intercom to let students know when we are handing out art club applications. When choosing students for art club we look for students who have completed and turned in their art club application. This application process is done because there is limited space. Therefore, it's first come, first served. Ms. Gamache will be accepting 15 applicants  and Ms. Foland will be accepting 15 applicants.  We send notes home to those that make it in. The projects that we do in art club are typically more complex and require hard work and concentration.
4th graders, please remember that if you don't get in it this time you have another chance next year!



                                                                                              Art News

 It’s time for art club sign-ups!!! This year art club will consist of  3rd ,4thand 5th graders with Ms. Gamache and kinder, 1st and 2nd graders with Ms. Foland.  We will meet in the art room every TUESDAY, AFTERNOON-2:45-3:45,unless otherwise indicated. If we don’t have school that day-there will be NO ART CLUB-this includes half days. Unfortunately, Ms. Gamache can only take 15 students and Ms. Foland can only take 15 students. If you are interested, we would like you to draw a detailed picture of your choice, and tell me why you want to be an art club member.   Please return this permission form along with your drawing to Ms. Gamache and Ms. Foland, by TUESDAY OCTOBER 6TH . On Monday, OCTOBER 12th a letter will go home in Monday folders letting you know that you are an art club member. Art club will begin on TUESDAY OCTOBER 20TH.


Parent(s)please read and sign:                  

I give permission for________________ to participate in

BECK art club. Arrangements will be made for my child to be picked up promptly at 3:45, on the left side of the building (bus loading zone).                        

Parent(s) Name:_______________                                 

Parent(s) Signature:___________________

Parent(s) Phone #: __________ Email: ___________

Child’s Teacher____________

** To cover the cost of art materials, a $5 donation would be greatly appreciated. Checks are no longer accepted. Thank you! J