Rep Minutes 4-11-16

Beck Student Council Representative Meeting

Monday, April 11, 2016


·      Call to order at 2:50.

·      Sebastian read the minutes from last month.

·      Last month students from Beck were given the opportunity to make cards for the senior citizens in Roanoke.  They could write them a note or draw them a picture.  This was completed in art.  The seniors were very grateful.  Next time, we want to make sure all students have the opportunity to create one. 

·      Team building activity – A shape using unifix cubes was created and only one student from each group could see it.  They then had to help their teammates create the same shape. 

·      Posters for the upcoming election in May were created.

·      Glows and Grows for the year.

o  Glows for the year – we raised a lot of money, we helped a lot of charities, the team building activities, the interactive bulletin board.  They council would like to consider making Beck Backs the Blue, Jingle Grams, PJ Day for Cancer, Art for Seniors, and the Spreading Cheer in the New Year annual projects.

o  Grows for the year – We need to do a better job spreading the word about the projects.

·      Clean up

·      Adjourn at 3:30.