Rep Minutes 2-8-16

Beck Student Council Representative Meeting Feb. 8, 2016

·       Call to order at 2:47

·       Review of minutes

.       Representatives sang the StuCo song Let Us Lead 

·       Mrs. Montgomery’s committee talked about their service project for January.  The students seem to really like to be able to take a note.  The cups were being pulled down so they were replaced with plastic baggies.  Because of all the notes were gone, each rep wrote a few more to add to the board.

·       The Officers explained the upcoming project.  During the week of February 16, announcements will be made each day to remind the students to bring a dollar on Friday to be able to wear PJs.  The Student Council reps voted and the money will be donated to the American Cancer Society. 

·       The teamwork game Raft was played to show how communication, team work and thinking “outside of the box” can help solve problems. 

·       The representatives were broken into smaller groups and the Positive Communication sentence “Make sure it’s a good time to talk.  Ask first:” was discussed.  Each group then shared out.

·       Meeting was adjourned at 3:30.