Rep Minutes 1-16-16

Student Council Rep Minutes

Jan. 11, 2016

·       Call to order at 2:47

·       Read minutes from last month

·       Students sang StuCo song Let Us Lead

·       Coach Cannon’s group review of Jingle Grams – The money made (about $450.00) was used to buy toys to donate to the Trophy Club Fire Department where they could distribute them to needy children. 

·       Mrs. Montgomery’s group shares plan.  There will be plastic cups on the bulletin board outside of Mrs. Carrick’s room where all students will be able to take positive note.  It’s called Spreading Cheer in the New Year.

·       Cooperation Activity – We played human know and telephone to introduce the 2nd communication bullet.

·       2nd Positive Communication bullet – We talked about the importance of always verifying that you understand.

·       Adjourn the meeting at 3:30