Rep Minutes 11-9-15

·       Call to order – meeting called to order at 2:45  

·       Teach song – The officers taught the song “Watch Us Lead”

·       Review service project – Back the Blue

o  Positives – students seemed to enjoy it, lots of cards/posters/etc. for the officers, officers seemed to appreciate it

o  Better placement of officers so no confusion

·       Information on upcoming project – Beck Safety Week.  The Caring Committee is going to inform the students about good  bike safety and fire safety.

·       Break into groups for planning –

o  Coach Cannon’s group (Dec.) - jingle-grams

o  Mrs. Montgomery’s group (Jan.) – sidewalk chalk talk

o  Mrs. Beazley’s group (March) – cards for a nursing home

·       Clean up

·       Adjourn the meeting 3:30pm