UIL Results 2015-2016

WOW!  We had an incredible time at the UIL competition this year and our Beck Bulldogs did an amazing job.  We are so proud of all of our students who competed and studied over the last few months!!

Overall we had 36 students place in the district competition out of 73 total Beck students who participated.  Incredible!!  We also had a total of 10 students place first in their division! 

We want to recognize the following students who will receive medals for their placement at the district level:


Storytelling Finals 2nd grade- 4th place Lily Gough


Storytelling Finals 3rd grade- 2nd place Corinne Thomas


Oral Reading Finals 4th grade- 1st place Mack Buth


Oral Reading Finals 5th grade- 7th place Yashica Sadam


Spelling 3rd grade- tied for 1st place Rohan Soni,  4th Place Rohan Verma


Spelling 4th grade- 6th place Sameeksha Gupta


Spelling 5th grade - 1st place Lily Wang


Number Sense 4th grade - 1st place Eesha Venkata and 2nd place Nikunj Gupta


Number Sense 5th grade - 3rd place Sebastian Kravutske


Art 4th grade- 6th place Lauren Grimes


Maps/Graphs/Charts- 4th place Evan Wunsch and 6th place Sydney Beebe


Listening- 2nd place Morgan Carrick and 3rd place Giovanni Pendino


Social Studies-  1st place Colin Bouchard, 2nd Place Gabe Moore, tied for 5th place Jake Wilson


Ready Writing 5th grade- 1st place Ben Terrell and 3rd place Anoushika Singh


Music memory 2nd grade- involved in a 9-way tie for 1st place- includes Scarlett Barlow, Jacob Grube, Colbie Moses, and Elizabeth Anderson

Music memory 3rd- 2nd place Cameron Bryson and 3rd place Matheaus Suarez

Music memory 4th- 2nd place Avery Wilson and 4th Place Kiera Jolley

Music Memory 5th- 2nd place Kendall Grube, 3rd Place Madison Williams, 6th place JC Shockley

Chess Puzzle 4th- 2nd place Mateen Hamraei 

Chess Puzzle 5th- 3rd place Andreas Parrilha,  5th place James Suarez

                                                    Creative writing 2nd grade- 3rd place Sofia Kawosa


U.I.L. Academic Contests

Congratulations to all students who made a UIL team this year!  We are so proud of EVERYONE that tried out- there were about 120 total students who tried out this year!  WOW! 
Thank you for allowing your child to attend practices!! They are so important in helping your child make sure they are fully prepared for the competition.
**A packet with detailed information about the competition as well as a permission form to allow your child to attend the competition will be coming home soon!**
The packet and permission form can also be found here: 
Wondering which competition will take place on which date?  Right now the competitions are tentatively scheduled as follows:
Thursday, January 28th- Storytelling, Oral Reading, Creative Writing, Ready Writing, Music Memory, and Chess
Thursday, February 4th- Storytelling Finalists only, Oral reading finalists only, Spelling, Number Sense, Art, Maps/Graphs/Charts, Listening, and Social Studies
U.I.L. is a wonderful opportunity to showcase students' abilities in academic areas.
All students 2nd - 5th grade are eligible (as long as they have passing grades in all subject areas) to try out for an event. 
Thank you for your interest in Beck UIL!
Maggie Bell, UIL Campus Coordinator for Beck Elementary