Choir Handbook

Samuel Beck Elementary 
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Choir Handbook



            The purpose of the Samuel Beck Elementary Choir is to foster the love of music and the vocal talents of those students who are willing to participate and learn above and beyond what is offered in general music class. We hope to sing quality and enjoyable music that will enhance our vocal and musical talents. We will become more familiar with singing to an audience, which will help our stage presence. This will help calm nerves and prepare students for future auditions and interviews. Overall, participation in the choir will be beneficial to all who are involved, including parents, students, faculty, and audience members. We want to make a joyful noise!

Beck Bulldog Choir rehearses Wednesdays 3-4pm.     

The first 2018-2019 rehearsal is Wednesday - October 3, 2018. 

Siblings are not allowed to attend choir rehearsals. Please make arrangements for family members to be picked up at 3 pm or to participate in the After School program.

            Excused absences will be counted as excused only when we receive a note or a phone call from a parent or guardian. Excused absences include illness, unavoidable doctor/dentist appointments, etc. Please do your best to let us know in advance if you must be absent from a choir rehearsal. Students will not be removed from choir for Excused absences, but an excessive number will keep the student from performing with the group if the student does not know the performing material.

            Unexcused absences will be counted as those rehearsals missed with no prior warning, or no note from a parent/guardian. Two unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the choir.

The Choir Directors will not look for students in the "AlphaBest" after school program during the choir rehearsal. Forgetting to attend a choir rehearsal will count as an absence.

Students must be picked up on time! Two late pick-ups may result in removal from the choir program. 

     Performance attendance is required of all choir members. The director will determine whether an absence from a performance is excused or not. Any unexcused absence from a performance will result in dismissal from the choir.


            Rehearsal behavior must be excellent at all times. Because rehearsal time is limited, we must make the most use of our time. Excess talking and horseplay will not be tolerated. Parents will be notified of disruptive behavior and the student will be removed from the program if the disruptive behavior continues for a second rehearsal.

            Performance behavior must be excellent. When we are on stage or away from our campus, we are in the spotlight representing Beck Elementary. Our behavior should always reflect how mature and well-behaved students are from our school. Any discipline problems that occur during a performance or away from our campus could be grounds for dismissal from the choir. 


            Every choir student must have all passing grades. This means at least a 70 average in every subject.  Students who are not passing will be allowed to rehearse with the group, but will not be allowed to perform at any performance off campus. I will send grade checks to the teachers to check for eligibility before we go on any performance trips. This is a district wide policy that applies to all extra-curricular activities.

            Behavior grades are considered as well as academic grades. Students must maintain at least an “S” for behavior. If behavior grades fall below an “S,” that student will not be allowed to perform at any off campus performances.


            All choir members will be asked to dress alike for performances. The uniform will consist of a choir t-shirt and pants/skirts.