Curbside Checkout

Curbside Checkout

  Curbside Checkout FAQs

How does curbside checkout work? 

1. Log into our catalog, Destiny, via the NISD portal. 

2. When you see a book you like, click "hold."

3. You'll receive an email when your book is ready for pickup.

4. Come pick up your book at the front of the school during curbside hours.

How can I reserve a book for curbside checkout?

Learn how to log into our catalog, browse, and put books on hold here. 

When can I pick up my reserved book(s)?

Tuesdays: 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

*no curbside during inclement weather

What if I can't come during that time? 

Ms. Martin would be happy to arrange a special day and time for pickup. 

Email her at 

How long will you hold a book for me?

Ms. Martin will keep your book on the curbside cart for one week. 

After one week, she will reshelve it.

What if I don’t want the book(s) I reserved? 

You may email Ms. Martin to let her know, or

she will automatically reshelve the book(s) after one week.

How long are you offering curbside service? 

As long as our building is open to staff 

and serves remote learners, 

we will offer curbside service. 

However, our curbside hours my change.