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Beck House System

In order to build a greater sense of community among our students, Beck utilizes a four house system. Each year, new students and faculty are added to one of our four houses. Once students and faculty are placed, they become a member of their house for the duration of their time at Beck.

Our Four Houses:

  • Altruismo - House of the Giving
  • Amistad - House of Friendship
  • Isibindi - House of Courage
  • Reveur - House of the Dreamer

Benefits of a House System: 

  • Opportunity to be part of a smaller learning community

  • Greater overall sense of belonging

  • Dedicated team of caring teachers and staff

  • Opportunities to interact with peers and adults in all grade levels

  • Additional opportunities for student leadership

  • Increased positive peer-pressure and motivation

  • More opportunities to collaborate 

  • Increase in school spirit 

  • Reinforces high academic and behavioral standards

Studies have shown that schools implementing the House system have happier, more engaged students who have more school spirit than they did prior to implementation. We are very excited about how this will add an additional layer to our True Blue initiative! 

House Sorting: 

Each year, new students will be randomly placed into a house. It’s important to stress that house placements are randomized, and that no house changes will be made. It’s also important to note that it is quite possible that siblings could be sorted differently. That’s ok! It adds an interesting flare to the houses and gives our students opportunities to engage in healthy competition. Whatever house your child is sorted in to, please encourage a positive, growth-mindset.

House Points: 

Throughout the year, houses are recognized for strong character and academic excellence by earning house points. Once a point is earned, it cannot be taken away. Each spring, the leading house, which has earned the most points, is awarded Beck's House Cup.

In addition, students will be engaged in many house activities, such as:

  • House Cup Games – Games during House Rallies that earn House Points

  • Mentor/Buddy Program - Older students assume leadership and mentor roles as they work with our younger learners. Each student is connected with a student in their House. 

  • Academic activities - Throughout the year, older students are provided opportunities to lead activities for younger learners in their House, such as 3rd-graders assisting Kindergartners with Math games or 5th-graders reading to 2nd-graders

Thank you for supporting our house system and encouraging your child to be excited about their house!