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Beck Bulldog Broadcast

Our goal is to create a culture of Beck True Blue spirit and to create excitement for our school through fun and informative daily video broadcasts.

2021-2022 Beck Bulldog Broadcast Team

Members of the 2022 Beck Bulldog Broadcast Team

Being a Beck Bulldog Broadcaster is a lot of work and a big responsibility! Our awesome team of 5th graders meets twice a week after school to collect important campus information, brainstorm creative ways to positively impact our campus, and write daily broadcast scripts. Sometimes, special video segments are created in advance, to be added into the daily show. Team members meet each morning to record the daily broadcast.  

To be a BBB team member, students may turn in an application with a written response and a video submission. Then, they may participate in a live audition before a team of staff and students.  Most importantly, students must be recommended by a teacher, based on the Example they set as a Beck True Blue student on campus. In the spring, new team members are recruited from 4th grade, then trained for the next year’s team.


Daily Broadcast Segment

Informative Segment

Interview Segment

Beck Bulldog Broadcasters at Work

Beck Bulldog Broadcasters at Work

Testing Equipment

Beck Bulldog Broadcaster Equipment Test

Delivering the News

Beck Bulldog Broadcast Segment

Sharing Campus Celebrations

Beck Bulldog Broadcast Friday Celebration