Generation Texas Week

Generation Texas Week
The purpose of Generation Texas Week is to provide both information and encouragement to all students regarding post secondary education. Instilling a college-going culture doesn't start in high school or even in middle school.  The time to instill the belief that ALL students can be college material is in elementary school. College readiness isn't about every student attending college.  It is the commitment that every student deserves the opportunity to make that choice.

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Success in college means a world of opportunities. College is possible and affordable.  Financial aid is available for everyone.  It's never too early to start planning!  Here are some tips to prepare your children for college:


Believe in your children.  Reward your children with praise.  Give your children positive encouragement and validate their ideas and accomplishments.


Read to your children.  Discuss what you have read with your children. Visit the library regularly and sign your children up for summer reading programs.


Set a positive example for your children. Children are very observant and often mimic the actions of those they look up to.  Talk to your child every day, ask questions, and be prepared to answer their questions.


Nurture healthy habits within your children.  Take your children to the doctor and dentist regularly.  Obtain regular vision and hearing check-ups for them.  Update shot records. Encourage exercise and rest.  Provide a balanced diet for your children.


Get Involved!  Be actively involved in your child's education by learning abut their school and its staff. Become a partner with the school by volunteering and joining the PTA.


Make your home a positive learning environment. Set up a quiet study area in your home and designate a time for homework and reading. Remember learning occurs in so many places. Don't forget about museums, plays, board games or playing cards.


Start saving money now! Even if you can only save a few dollars a week, it's never too early to start saving for your child's future.


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